Bug Legs, and 9 Ways a Bad Understanding of Science is Wasting Your Money

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It’s bug legs! Nine ways bad science is wasting your money.

How easy is it to misunderstand the results of a scientific experiment? The Bug Legs metaphor makes it easy to understand. And here are nine examples of how con artists and ignorance have turned these misunderstandings into multi-million-dollar enterprises to take money from millions of naive people.

Here are nine of the ways bad science is wasting your money:

00:48 Jet Contrails or Chemtrails
01:12 Area 51 Groom Lake Test Facility
01:44 Magnet Healing
02:05 Crop Circles
02:26 Acupuncture
02:44 MSG
03:10 Wheat Gluten
03:30 Astrology / Horoscopes
03:51 Bermuda Triangle

It’s all bug legs!

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* Some sounds from www.freesound.org
* Some graphics and photos from www.pixabay.com
* Music by BenSound.com
* The friends, associates and staff of professor W. Lehrer

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